A4 B8 8K

Headrest Integrated Rear Seat Entertainment

High Class Rear Seat Entertainment for all VW-Models contains:
2 original OEM head rests

2 Alpine monitors TME-780/EM
Black Box
2 Alpine ear phone SHS-N205 wireless
Flat Alpine 7.0" Monitor TME-M780/EM in combination with original OEM headrests
Easy installation by replacing the existing headrests
Invisible wires - extremely small plug connectors for simple guidance by the vehicle seating
Alpine earphones SHS-N205

FISCON Bluetooth Handsfree - "Basic-Plus"

Kufatec Bluetooth Hands Free Kit version "Basic-Plus"
Suitable for almost all available Bluetooth mobile phones on the market
Range of functionality always depends on the mobile phone
Suitable for vehicles equipped with Volkswagen head unit RNS 510, RCD 510 with touch sreen
Easy installation - Plug & Play

Bi-Xenon Headlights - Retrofit - with Daylight

Brand new Bi-Xenon headlights with daytime running lights and automatic levelling.

AMI Audi Music Interface with IPod-Retrofit with MMI

Retrofit kit AMI in order to connect multimedia devices like iPod, mp3.
Input of an external audio source (iPod, mp3 - Player or USB-hard disk drive) to the MMI system.

AMI Audi Music Interface with IPod-Retrofi with CAN

Retrofit kit AMI in order to connect multimedia devices like iPod, mp3 - Player as well as USB (2.0) hard disk drive
Suitable for radio Concert, Symphony
Suitable from iPod generation 4.0:
o iPod
o iPod mini
o iPod nano
o iPod photo
o iPod video

Dension - iPod Gateway 500

Dension Gateway 500 for iPod integration in factory fitted Audi OEM sound system.
Display of track information by MMI screen as well as passenger information system.
iPod control by MMI as well as multifunctional steering wheel.
Suitable iPod types:
o iPod mini (without clip)
o iPod nano 1/ 2 G
o iPod 4 G
o iPod photo/ iPod color
o iPod 5 G (Video)
Further connection possibilities:
o USB devices
o DVD-Player
o PlayStation
o AUX audio sources

Bluetooth (with SAP) - Retrofit

Product description:

Specific set for the retrofit original Bluetooth Handsfree with SIM ACCESS PROFILES (SAP).
This set unites all advantages of a normal Bluetooth Handsfree with the one conventional installation telephone.
SAP makes the use possible to use a Bluetooth cellphone (also in combination with a wire handset) without accessing the GSM module of the cellphone.
The data of the SIM card are read via SAP and used by the interface while the cellphone is in standby mode.
The call is to be arranged by the phone interface with stronger transmission.
Optional : There is a possibility to use an external wire handset which is connected with the cellphone to make discreet conversations and send SMS.
Comparison to cenventional in car telephone:

Minimal use of the battery of the cellphone, also while talking.
No harmful radiation inside the car.
In comparison with a cellphone the integrated GSM module is obviously stronger and more reliable, especially at high speed.
Strong digital processing of signals reduces echo and noise interference.
You don't need a 2nd SIM card like with a conventional in car telephone.
Shows SMS messages in the MMI.
Optional wire handset allows discreet conversations.
The call is to be arranged by the phone interface with stronger transmission.

Bluetooth Handsfree - Bluetooth Only

Perfect solution for retrofitting the original VW bluetooth hands free kit, version "Only bluetooth"

Perfect voice quality
Complete integration into the car's electronic
Operation through Head unit RNS 510, RCD 510
Operation through multifunctional steering wheel (if available)
Following phone functions will be supported:
Phonebook browsing (browsing in FIS) - if supported by phone
Placing and answering calls
Volume control

Bluetooth Handsfree - Complete

Retrofit of an original Bluetooth with handycharger in combination with the original device for the cradle version " Complete".
An additional integration of a console in the center armrest or on the dash enables an automatic switching on and off and charging of the cellphone.
There is no difference to the OEM handsfree from factory.

Calls of the directory entries (representation in the FIS)
Place, accept and terminate controls
Audio Gain control
Language operation over MFL (language module necessary)

Display Interface with FBAS Video Input

Display Interface for the integration of an analog or hybrid TV-tuner and a rear camera for cars with infotainment system MMI-High:
A6 4F
A8 4E
Q7 4L
A5 B8
A4 B8
You have to change the interface with the old interface (without video input)
TV-Free Option already activated.

Cruise Control - Retrofit

Retrofit kit in order to retrofit the original cruise control.
Set the pace
Getting back to the pace you last stored

APS Audi Parking System Plus - Front and Rear Retrofit

Retrofit of park assistance APS + plus at front and tail.
They see their vehicle in the MMI with the acoustic sensors.
Depending upon closeness of the obstacle the respective range changes optically with the well-known acoustic support.

APS and Audi Parking System -Complete

Complete set to retrofit Audi Parking System Advance (APS)
Wide angle showing of the rear area in the MMI through a camera integrated into the rear grab handle.
Much easier orientation due to the guiding lines and fields which are integrated into the video picture and change depending on the steering wheel angle.
Two modes are available:
parkingmode 1 (Transverse parking): Useful to park into a slot which is transverse to the driving direction on for reverse driving into a longer entry.
parkingmode 2 (Longitudinal parking): Useful for parking into a slot along the driving direction on a curb.

APS and Audi Parking System Plus - Front Retrofit

Complete set for upgrading to Audi Parking System plus (APS) - front aps .
This set upgrades an existing APS-system to APS-Plus with acoustic and optical display in the MMI system.
Much better distance control.

DAB Digital Radio - Retrofit

Complete retrofit for digital wireless reception DAB.
Germany orders a network of over 80% .
Further DAB has surface covering available in many parts of the European Union due to special codecs.
You can experience CD quality music.
You have the choice between approx. 120 DAB - transmitters.

TV Tuner - Retrofit

Set for the retrofit of a TV - Tuner - unit
Video - in - adapter for the retrofit of the following multimedia devices: DVD - Player, DVB-T, Playstation.

SDS Speech Dialog System - Retrofit

Retrofit module for Speech Diaglog System ( Voice control ) in the Audi A4 B8.
Following components can be controlled through speech:
Phone (Addressbook)
Very useful for dialing numbers and for navigation.

APS Audi Parking System - Rear Retrofit

Retrofit an APS System on the back of the vehicle
Distance indication by frequently acoustic sound
Much better distance control.

TV Free - Switch"Professional"

With this free switch you have the possibility of activating the TV while driving ..Fully plug'n'play.
This interface will be plugged for 15 seconds to the diagnostic interface of your car.
After this procedure you can remove the box and watch tv while you're driving.
This version is applicable for as many as desired vehicles.
All operations will be automatically performed by the module.